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If there are discrepancies in the relationship, couples counseling offers the opportunity to gain clarity and to discover new paths.

Various pair constellations are welcome, feel free to make an appointment to get to know each other!




Trust is the willingness to take the risk

the other one good intention  to assume. 




Grow together in life

Common topics are:

  • Lack of trust - jealousy

  • communication problems

  • individual ideas of partnership - affairs - open relationship

  • dealing with loyalty

  • closeness and autonomy

  • tenderness - sexuality.

  • Who does what & how much?

  • role conflicts

  • We're going to be family, but how?

  • raising children

  • We're just parents

  • Partnership, family vs. job

  • (unfulfilled) desire to have children

  • feeling strangers to each other

  • New ideas instead of dull everyday life,...

Schwarze Stehlampe

I will/quiero—Jorge Bucay

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